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Creators Program Pledge

Creator’s Program Pledge

As a devoted and earnest student of the Creator’s Program, I hereby affirm my dedication to the teachings and practices presented in this program. I recognize the importance of consistent application for personal growth and spiritual development and commit to practicing the teachings of the Creator’s Program regularly and wholeheartedly. I commit to actively participate in the weekly calls and discussions with an open heart and an open mind so that I may evolve my consciousness, and with the pure and sole intention of unlocking the divine and authentic extension of the love that I am, and fostering a supportive and enlightening environment for all of the members in the private community as well as all who cross my path. I promise not to judge anyone in the Creator’s Program. I am devoted to using the knowledge and practices gained from this program for my own spiritual, physical, and mental evolution.

I pledge to stay loyal and faithful to the teachings of the Creator’s Program. I acknowledge the sacredness and confidentiality of the teachings within this program. I acknowledge that I will be exposed to confidential and proprietary information, including but not limited to teachings, practices, and discussions within the Creator’s Program and its Private Community. I agree to not disclose, share, or distribute any confidential information obtained from the program to any person, entity, or platform outside of the Creator’s Program. I commit to respecting and understanding that what is learned here is for personal use and growth, and not for external dissemination. I acknowledge that what happens in the Creator’s Program stays in the Creator’s Program and honor the sacredness of the teachings indefinitely, even after the termination of participation in the Creator’s Program.

Through this pledge, I honor the journey ahead, the community that surrounds me, and the profound impact this path will have on my life and the lives of others. I am ready and committed to serving the awakening of humankind.


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