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The Power Is Within You

The Power Is Within You

The Power Is Within You

The power you Hold is the Power of the Universe

Affirmation Of The Day

Today is another day to create miracles. Today, I create myself, my loved ones, and my life. Today, I think positive and empowering thoughts, for that, is what I Am. Today, nothing can change my mood. I am genuinely grateful and inspired. Me being in the mood that I'm in serves me and others around me. People can feel my energy as I serve others just by being happy and grateful. An act of kindness goes a long way. I am kind to myself and kind to others. I treat others the way I intend to be treated. I am enjoying the beautiful dance of creation, and this is just the beginning.

And, of course, practice presence. Embracing the present moment is necessary for a balanced life. Take time out of your day to stop thinking as a whole. Focus your attention on the present moment. Focus your attention on your awareness. Not the awareness of what you think you are, but the awareness of what you truly are, past your identity and current conditioning.
Your permanent identity, your unconditioned awareness. The one and only I AM.

The Power Is Within You


There are no causes outside of your own beautiful mind that can affect your life. You hold all of the power. The power is all within you.

We have a tendency to associate our beliefs with things outside of ourselves, whereas in truth, it is our belief in the outcome rather than what is happening outside of ourselves that causes the result to occur.

For instance, I believe that if I do something at a specific time, it will cause me to be proactive throughout the day. The truth of the matter is it is not doing that thing at that particular time that is causing me to be proactive, but my belief in it.

Your belief is always the first-hand cause. If you believe you will have a horrible day because you didn't have your morning coffee, you won't. If you believe you will do amazing today because you've completed your morning routine, you will. But now, if you didn't believe any of those were actually causing you to have a horrible or amazing day, then they wouldn't.

I encourage you to believe that you create your reality from within. The power you hold is the power of the Universe. Choose to believe positive things about yourself and others. Choose to believe you will have a fantastic day no matter what circumstances you face. Choose to believe that everything goes your way and your way only. Choose to believe that you are more than deserving and worthy of achieving your dreams. Choose to believe that there are no causes outside your own beautiful mind.

"The Law of Life is the Law of Belief." - Dr. Joseph Murphy

It starts and ends with belief. Whatever you believe will inevitably be experienced. This is a law that can never be broken.

The Universe revolves around energy, frequency and vibration.

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