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Balance is the Nature of All Things

Balance is the Nature of All Things



Balance Is The Nature Of All Things



Harmony is the Universal Language. And Like all Languages, It Must First be Understood Before It Can be Spoken.

Affirmation Of The Day


With each day that I am alive, breathing in air with my feet upon the earth, is a gracious reminder from the cosmos that I am divine wholeness. I am walking my path at the pace the universe requires and the bridge of incidents desires. I am a necessary component of this ethereal balance through which all things achieve harmony. I am aligned. I am divine.


Reprogramming our subconscious mind and changing our subconscious beliefs is a powerful way to change the unwanted patterns in our lives. Meditation stands as a uniquely effective tool to change or transcend limiting beliefs. Through its regular practice, meditation begins to slowly excavate those beliefs that no longer serve you and make space for something new and more supportive.

Balance is the Nature of All Things


While navigating one's journey, it can often become far too easy to dwell on events, energies, thoughts, or emotions that we as human beings often interpret as inherently negative.


This negativity may come in the form of a financial setback, a relationship issue, or inner emotional turmoil 一 whatever it may be, when it occurs, there remains that innate human urge to either resist or retreat from those sensations we define as “bad.”


What is important to realize is that no presence of love, light, goodness or positivity can ever exist without contrary company. For us to rightly experience the things we claim to cherish, we must first have an understanding of what it means to feel their absence.


How does it feel to go without the comfort of contentment? What is it like to sleep without the secure blanket of satisfaction? Asking yourself these questions, acknowledging the endless complexity of your human experience, is essential if you are to ever truly grasp the light you have been chasing for so long.


Do not soak in anguish for what is, or bathe in regret for what could have been… bask in the thrill for what could become. To wish away the night in desperate pursuit of the sunshine would be just as misguided as wishing away the bleak moments of your past, for without them, you would erase the wisdom of your present and the potential of your future.


Harmony is the universal language. And like all languages, it must first be understood before it can be spoken.


The Universe revolves around energy, frequency and vibration.

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